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What Is the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

The all-inclusive cost for wisdom teeth extractions at our office is $1,895.  This could save you 40 – 50% compared to other offices.

Your personal out-of-pocket expense will never be more than $1,895. This cost can be discounted even more if you have dental insurance.

Be sure to ask about our internet special when you call.

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Affordable, Competitive Rates

Wisdom tooth extraction cost varies from office to office. We are committed to offering quality wisdom tooth removal at affordable, competitive rates. The most common treatment plan for wisdom tooth removal is for an hour of sedation (15 minutes x 4), and four bony extractions.  Dr. Christopher R. Morris is a general dentist that provides dental surgery services, so you save compared to the cost of an oral surgeon.

We are flexible on scheduling to meet your needs. If you want to have your consultation and treatment completed at your first appointment, same daycare is available; just let us know when you call. After wisdom tooth extraction, if you feel that healing is normal, then a follow-up visit is not mandatory, though we are available for follow-up if you desire. We meet the needs of many patients who drive from across town for wisdom teeth removal.

ServiceOthers FeeOur Fees
ServiceExamOthers Fee$165Our Fees$0
ServiceX-RayOthers Fee$130Our Fees$0
ServiceIV/15 min.Others Fee$196Our Fees$135
ServiceSoft Tissue RemovalOthers Fee$358 per tooth removalOur Fees$339 per tooth removal
ServicePart Bony Tooth RemovalOthers Fee$440 per tooth removalOur Fees$339 per tooth removal
ServiceFull Bony Tooth RemovalOthers Fee$512 per tooth removalOur Fees$339 per tooth removal
ServiceCheck-UpOthers Fee$177Our Fees$0
ServiceTotalOthers Fee$3,304Our Fees$1,895

Dental Insurance and Flexible Payment Options

We are committed to offering flexible payment options to ensure that your care is affordable. We accept most insurance benefits. Our staff is happy to help file insurance claims. If you are uninsured, we offer financing through CareCredit, a no-interest monthly payment plan. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Your portion of the payment is expected at the time of service.

Information for Medicaid Patients
We accept Medicaid and CHP+ for wisdom teeth patients only.  That is, if your dental insurance is Medicaid or CHP+, we can remove your wisdom teeth.  Please seek out other Medicaid dental offices for other treatment options (cleanings, fillings, dentures, etc.).

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