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We Will Guide You Through the Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Residents of Denver, CO, and the surrounding area depend on Christopher R. Morris DMD and the compassionate staff at our family dentistry practice for general and cosmetic dentistry services. A beautiful smile has benefits that transcend oral health and can affect one’s social and emotional wellbeing. We are proficient with all types of dental services, but wisdom teeth removal is among our top priorities. Our dentists utilize years’ worth of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to remove patients’ wisdom teeth as safely and comfortably as possible. If you think you may need wisdom teeth removal in Littleton, CO, call our friendly team today to learn more.

Understanding Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to emerge in one’s mouth. They grow into place in the back of the row of teeth both top and bottom, usually between the ages of 17 to 21. Most people do not have enough room for these back-molar wisdom teeth to grow into place. They can put pressure on the adjacent teeth or cause swelling, pain, and infection in the gums. To prevent problems, our team recommends wisdom teeth removal for most people.

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure; it is our goal to keep you comfortable throughout the process. Our patients receive IV sedation and local anesthetics to ensure a pain-free experience. Most sedated patients don’t remember the procedure at all.  Then the gums are numbed with a local anesthetic, so the wisdom teeth are removed painlessly.

Pain Management Strategies Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most patients are sore for a few days after wisdom teeth removal. Christopher R. Morris DMD can help minimize such pain throughout the healing process. Take prescription pain medicine as directed.  Minimize strenuous exercise for the first few days of healing.  Do not smoke for one week.  Do not spit, or drink from a straw following wisdom teeth removal surgery for a few days. We recommend the following strategies to expedite your recovery:

  • Bleeding – Bleeding can occur from 1 to 24 hours after surgery. Apply clean gauze to the area and bite with pressure. If that doesn’t stop the bleeding, dampen a black tea bag and bite on the tea bag to further stimulate clotting.
  • Pain – We will prescribe pain-killing medication to help alleviate your discomfort. Use as directed.
  • Swelling – Some swelling after wisdom teeth removal is normal. Take ibuprofen and use ice packs in 15-minute intervals to limit swelling. For a couple of nights, sleep with your head elevated by an extra pillow.

Post-Wisdom Teeth Removal Home Care Tips

It is important to maintain a clean mouth after your wisdom teeth removal. Cleaning your teeth and mouth will help aid the healing process. Brush your teeth twice daily while being gentle on the gums in the area of the surgery.  Use a soft-bristle toothbrush.

If necessary, remove food particles from the sockets with gentle brushing.  You may rinse with mouthwash after the first 72 hours of healing. Use warm salt water or a non-alcohol mouthwash.

Foods to Eat and Avoid Following Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Nutrition is important to help in the healing process.  First and foremost, stay hydrated. Eat as much as you can comfortably.  Most people will eat soft foods for the first few days.  These foods include:

  • Cooked vegetables
  • Fish
  • Fruit
  • Protein drinks
  • Scrambled eggs

Stay away from extremely hard crunchy foods or too much sugar.

  • Nuts
  • Chips
  • Candy, cakes, other sweets

Contact Christopher R. Morris DMD Today

We want you to have a beautiful, healthy smile. That may necessitate wisdom teeth removal, but Christopher R. Morris DMD will make the procedure as simple and pain-free as possible. Contact our office in Littleton, CO today to learn more about the process and post-wisdom teeth removal recovery tips.