Orthodontics is the practice of straightening crooked teeth.  This is accomplished by light, continuous pressure.  As the teeth shift position the bone supporting the roots reforms to allow the teeth to assume a new position.  

We offer the Simpli5 system of orthodontics, a system of clear retainers similar to Invisalign.  

How does it work?  

A series of thin, plastic, clear retainer fits over the teeth.  It is less noticeable to wear than metal brackets and wires.  Each retainer will push the teeth a small distance – just a millimeter or two.  The light, constant pressure on the teeth causes them to assume a comfortable position inside the retainer.  The first set of retainers is worn for a few weeks, then the next set of retainers will push the teeth a couple millimeters further.  Every few weeks a new set of retainers will push the teeth further until they reach their final position.

The retainers should be worn at all times other than when eating and drinking, and the teeth should be brushed after eating.  The more you wear them, the better they’ll work.  

Once the teeth have reached their final position, continue to wear the last tray as a retainer to keep the teeth in the final position.  For one year you should wear the retainer all the time (except when eating).  After the first year the retainers can be worn only while sleeping so long as they don’t feel tight on the teeth.

Will they work for me?

Clear retainer orthodontics works best for minor adjustments.  Most commonly we use the Simpli5 trays for crooked, lower front teeth.  Traditional metal braces with brackets and wires is a better treatment choice if the teeth need to be rotated.  Look at these photos for an example of a good Simpli5 case:

Before orthodontic treatment


After orthodontic treatment