Tooth extraction

Teeth may need to be extracted in cases of severe decay or gum disease, cracked tooth syndrome, or impacted wisdom teeth.  Today’s techniques make extraction more comfortable than ever.  Local anesthetics provide excellent anesthesia.  When the tooth is extracted only mild pressure will be felt.  There is no sharp pain.  Many patients are surprised by how comfortable they felt during the appointment.

We use the Golden-Misch forceps that applies a gentle lever force to the tooth without damaging the surrounding bone.

Once a tooth is extracted there will be bone loss in that area.  This bone loss is continuous for the rest of your life until the tooth is replaced with an implant.  With the exception of wisdom teeth, it is recommended to have missing teeth replaced within 6-12 months after extraction before bone loss is too great.

Wisdom Teeth

Why should wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth that come in straight into the proper position do not need to be removed.  If the gum is healthy around the teeth and the teeth are cleaned well to prevent decay, we recommend you keep the wisdom teeth.  However, it is estimated that 80% of people have some problem with their wisdom and should have them removed.  Problems with wisdom teeth include crowding, impaction (incomplete eruption), gum disease or infection, pain, and decay.  Wisdom teeth are most commonly removed between age 16 and 25.  

Call us for a consult if you’re wondering if your wisdom teeth should be removed.  Having them removed young means quicker healing time and preventing problems later in life.

What should I expect when my wisdom teeth are removed?

We remove impacted wisdom teeth using IV sedation.  You will remember little to nothing of the appointment.  Recovery time is 48-72 hours when some soreness and swelling occur.  You can be most comfortable during this healing phase by taking prescription medication, applying cold for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off, and getting good nutrition and water.  

If soreness and swelling last more than 72 hours you may have a dry socket or infection.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you think there is any issue with your healing.